The "Lunch Break" program was created because of the impact of DDF's first dance workshop with the Orange County Gang Reduction Incentive Partnerships. Another partner of OC GRIP, a counselor at Bernice Adler Middle School approached DDF because he saw a need in his school and thought our foundation and dance programs might be a perfect fit. So, our “Lunch Break” Middle School Program was launched. And as it turned out, it was a perfect fit and a huge success among the students. 

The "Lunch Break" program is offered for students selected by school counselors and principals that provides dance classes in school during lunch hours to provide an outlet and incentive for positive social & physical interaction with peers. "Lunch Break" has expanded this year with new schools under the direction of instructor Mychal Gabb. It is a program that helps to promote the benefits and love of dance to children who need extra incentives and outlets to not only achieve in schools but to excel in their lives. 

2017 Hip Hop Dance Performance

2016 AMB/BAMS Showcase