"Gaining a better mind, body and soul through dance"

DANCE DISCOVERY FOUNDATION celebrates the creative spirit in all of us and firmly believes in its motto:

"Where Learning and Art Become One"


The "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Elementary Education Outreach Program provides free weekly dance and performing arts education to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students in our Partnering Elementary Schools. Dance Discovery Foundation (DDF) believes that dance and the performing arts need to be an integral part of a child’s education and that every child should have a chance to experience and understand the arts live and personally.  Through our "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Elementary Education Outreach Program this is easily done.  The purpose is to provide much needed opportunities for children each week to be exposed to dance and the performing arts in order to feed their imaginations, teach them to work together, explore big ideas, and to strengthen their bodies and minds.  It is our mission to help the youth of Southern California develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and self-confidence that will positively impact not only their education but all aspects of their lives.

DDF knows that the arts have a unique power to engage and motivate children toward excellence and we recognize that at the same time we celebrate the arts for the value they add to learning and to life, study of the arts has disappeared from our schools as the result of shifting priorities and budget cuts. 

DDF’s PEOP was established to remedy the gap between what our public schools are offering and what the parents, youth and community expects. In California only 11% of public schools are meeting state goals for arts instruction while 93% of Americans consider the arts to be vital to providing a well-rounded education and a critical link to learning and success.

DDFs Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Elementary program was developed to teach 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders about the mind body connection while introducing dance technique and appreciation. It integrates dance and the performing arts directly into the public elementary school curriculum. While helping the school districts implement the State Education Code stating, arts education is mandated for pupils in grades 1-12, in the disciplines of dance, music, theater and visual arts. That way when the State Education Code makes these mandates mandatory, the program will have already been implemented.

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The "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Program puts dance and the performing arts directly into public elementary schools, teaching students how to work hard, strive for their personal best, and never give up.  Each one of DDF’s instructors are committed and dedicated to create and use distinctive dance techniques to help in our mission.  In this program, DDF’s instructors from South Coast Conservatory and Dance Discovery Companies  travel weekly to elementary schools to help children develop skills, creativity and confidence with dance.  DDF's "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Program experience is a quality, challenging, inclusive and fun approach to learning dance technique and the meaning of excellence.  The dance style is based on rhythm and movement with the use of traditional dance steps which include turning, clapping, stepping, and leaping.  From year to year in an effort to offer the most responsive, creative and diverse program possible these instructors will continue to reinvent its curriculum with always having the students execute each movement with maximum energy, precision, and total physical commitment.  Through DDF’s classes, students correspondingly learn discipline, listening, and how to work hard.  They learn to work together and develop personal standards of excellence, a pride of achievement, and a curiosity about the world that supports their success in school and in life.

“Using dance, our program provides much needed opportunities for children each week to be exposed to the performing arts, feed their imaginations, work together, explore big ideas, and strengthen their bodies and minds.”

DDF’s "Healthy Body, Healthy Minds" Program is a full inclusion program and addresses the needs of children across a spectrum of abilities.  The instruction engages all students in its partner schools, regardless of physical, cognitive or behavioral ability.  Because classes are held for the entire grade level as part of the school day, children who have not been exposed or that might not have the resources to participate in extra-curricular arts education activities have the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience quality performing arts education.  The program also provides mentors and role models to these students representing achievement through dedication, hard work, the value of the arts and lets them know that DDF is an accessible community resource available to them.  DDF believes that it is this kind of vital arts education which imparts children with essential skills to succeed in the classroom and throughout their lives.  Using dance as a catalyst to help our children learn and succeed in life is practiced in many states.  It is our goal to bring the same exposure and opportunities to dance and performing arts and an equal amount of excellence to all of the youth and community of Southern California.