South Coast Conservatory



Serving Orange County since 1992, South Coast Conservatory formerly MV Dance & Performing Arts has been offering professional dance instruction to students ages 3-adult, from beginning to professional level. South Coast Conservatory (SCC) is the largest privately owned performing arts school in Orange County and the home of Southern California's renowned Dance Discovery Foundation. With over 1,300 actively enrolled students it offers a wide range of classes and programs, including training in musical theater, tumbling, hip hop, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, adult and Pro-Am Master Classes as well as hosting and facilitating the South Coast Ballet Theatre, and Dance Discovery Companies: Compass Dance, NXT LVL & UNI-T. Faculty includes working dancers, choreographers and Professors from some of the most prestigious Universities in the area. They have trained dancers you see on So You Think You Can Dance various television shows and movies as well as winners and scholarship recipients at Youth America Grand Prix.


South Coast Ballet Theatre

Directed by Ballet Master Enton Hoxha and Ballet Mistress Maria Tikhomirova and hosted by South Coast Conservatory, a pre-professional ballet company that celebrates the classics. SC Ballet Conservatory focuses on providing its young dancers with a strong technical foundation in classical ballet and enriching opportunities to grow as  an artist. Company members are invited to master classes, perform with professional guest artists, audition and participate in summer intensives and community events. SC Ballet Conservatory dancers are highlighted in two full length ballet productions annually including the much loved Nutcracker. 


OC Gang Reduction Incentive Partnerships

Giving Orange County’s Youth a Chance

OC GRIP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that supports the initiatives of the GRIP (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership) program in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. This program has more than 200 partners in 13 cities, including police departments, probation departments and more than 100 private businesses and non-profit organizations. Over the last four years, through a partnership with selected schools that are at-risk for gang violence, GRIP has put thousands of kids between 8 and 12 years old through their program.
Only students who attend a pre-selected OC GRIP school can participate in the program offerings.
In Orange County, there are more than 13,000 documented gang members. Orange County Gang Experts agree the average age that kids are pressured to join a criminal gang is from 8 to 14 years old. In most cases, the first crime committed by these minors is truancy. Many of the students receiving GRIP services live in neighborhoods controlled by criminal street gangs. Residents in gang communities live in constant fear of random violence and crimes committed by the gang members. A majority of the GRIP students report to the team that they have been terrorized by gang members and have no self-confidence or hope for their futures.


Sakina Ibrahim


Sakina Ibrahim believes in the power of teaching dance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from University of the Arts and earned her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of California Irvine. She teaches at a number of area schools and community colleges, while also working in dance outreach for the Dance Theatre of Harlem and Mark Morris Dance Group. Once she began teaching, she soon discovered dance lessons weren’t enough to fulfill the complex needs of her young students, whom she witnessed confronting everything from the fear of bullies, to the trauma of incarcerated family members, to the strain of unhealthy romantic relationships.



Guiding positive and lasting change. Helping individuals of all ages find their way past conflict and crisis to strength and stability. A nonprofit resource helping people find their way. Whether redirecting youth offenders, helping sheltered children get back on track, unifying troubled families, resolving community conflicts or empowering victims of violence, Waymakers clears the path so clients can advance beyond crisis.
Waymakers offers individuals, families and communities the steadiest, surest, safest pathways to promising outcomes. To clients, Waymakers is the stable home they never had. Their voice when they’re too fragile to speak. Their alternative to the juvenile justice system. Their path away from gang life, substance abuse and other destructive behavior. And their counseling support at a time of greatest need. Waymakers is their advocate, ally, voice of reason and mentor – the one who walks with them on the razor’s edge. The people of Waymakers are committed to supporting clients on their journeys and fostering lasting change and positive impact throughout Orange County.


Cathy Cunningham Photography

Photography is my passion. My approach is to watch moments, not force them to happen. I want to be there as life unfolds. A fly on the wall, if you will.Photography is a blessing in my life. I got my first camera when I was 12. My life has never been the same since.
I shot my first wedding at 18 aboard the Queen Mary. I remember being nervous, yet excited. I got to document someone else's journey through life. I loved it. Since then, I have documented much more. I have been proud to be the first photographer in a newborns life. And I have been blessed to be the last in anothers.


The Orange County School System

The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) is a public education organization offering support services to 27 school districts and more than 600 schools and 20,000 educators serving over 500,000 students in Orange County. OCDE’s personnel offer support, professional development, and student programs through its divisions and departments: Administrative Services, Alternative Education, Business Services, Career and Technical Education, Information Technology, Instructional Services, Legal Services, Community and Student Support Services, and Special Education.

Our vision is that "Orange County students will lead the nation in college and career readiness and success." We play a supportive role in the fulfillment of this vision in collaboration with educators at all levels of student development, rom early childhood through higher education, and in partnership with families, businesses, and community organizations. We believe that to lead the nation in college and career readiness and success is a high ambition, but within the reach of Orange County students.



Dance Discovery Foundation is always looking for new ways to inspire:


If you are interested in bringing dance and performing arts education into  your school, including free workshops, performances and more become a DDF Partner. Dance Discovery Foundation Partnerships are made between DDF and School Districts in each county of  Southern California that want to participate in our Public  & Special Needs Education Outreach Programs. 

DDFs PEOP integrates dance and the performing arts directly into the public  school curriculum by creating partnerships with school districts in Southern California. Those partnerships allow us to bring our program that was created and developed by professional dance and performing arts teachers into their schools. While helping the school districts implement the State Education Code stating, arts education is mandated for pupils in grades 1-12, in the disciplines of dance, music, theater and visual arts. 

DDF believes that by doing this we are fulfilling our political, social, moral and community duty to the youth of  Southern California and the school districts so when the State Education Code makes these mandates mandatory, the program will have already been implemented. 

DDF's long-term strategic goals are to preserve and protect dance and the performing arts and to ensure the artistic community with a thriving future. Our goals are to reach all 10 counties in Southern California and it's diverse population by increasing our internal support system of affiliations with performing arts schools and dance companies, and by creating more partnerships with school districts in each county in order to increase our programming and production 100% each year.