Dance Discovery Foundation is committed to providing education through creating opportunities for our youth to perform for our community.  Dance Discovery Foundation recognizes that the Arts bring value and are essential to a well-rounded education, stronger economies, cohesive communities, healthy lifestyles and a fulfilling quality of life.  Our purpose and commitment is to make the arts more accessible to the community because each individual benefits from the Arts.  Currently over 800 talented dancers and performing artists participate in Dance Discovery Foundation’s Performance Program.  

2013 "Footloose"

DDF’s performance program dedication is to provide services, funding, technical assistance, resources and promotion to our South Coast Conservatory and our Dance Discovery Companies in order to support, improve, and increase their access to provide its community with dance education, performances and inspiration.  Dance Discovery Foundation’s Performance Program increases the opportunity to keep dance and the performing arts alive in the community and alive in peoples hearts and lives. 

Dance Discovery Foundation’s dynamic Performance Program provides support for artists to experience life-changing, meaningful performance opportunities.  It offers artists exceptional opportunities to develop their performance skills and expand their artistic horizons, and allows artists to develop their individual potential as well as their collaborative skills. Performing experiences are vital to a dancer and performing artists education and will shape their future.  By learning the various aspects of performing, it helps build their confidence and self esteem, and improve their technique and stage presence.  

2014 "Nutcracker"

This comprehensive performance program involves artists from all backgrounds and academic concentrations, and strives to nurture in each of them a life-long appreciation and involvement in dance and the performing arts. DDF's performance program provides greater more diverse opportunities for aspiring dancers and performing artists and enables the Southern California community to participate in many memorable and enriching arts experiences.

Dance Discovery Foundation’s performance program was established not only to expand education through performing, but also to protect and preserve dance and the performing arts as a whole. Our long-term strategic goals and mission were created to ensure the dancer and performing artist and community with a thriving future. 

"Cabaret" performance @ 2014 Collision Dance

Dance Discovery Foundation’s Performance Program embraces dance traditions and populations across a wide spectrum and is meant to support the creative work of choreographers, the aspirations of goal oriented entrepreneurs, and the accomplishments of each performer. The DDF performance program activities are meant to link together and support dance and the performing arts development and education to the community, allowing us to spread and share the benefits and joy of dance and the performing arts.